Ricci Collection


The Ricci Hotel Collection was born out of the Ricci family’s passion for hospitality and their desire to share their love of Florence and its infinite beauty with visitors from around the world.
Since 2010, Carlo, Patrizia and Niccolò have devoted themselves to luxury tourism, with the mission of offering their guests an opportunity to stay in authentic, welcoming and quality-designed hotels that are created in the mold of luxury private residences.


The Ricci Hotel Collection truly is a family affair. Carlo and Niccolò, both renowned civil engineers, select and renovate properties located in the heart of Florence into boutique hotels. Patrizia, an expert in fine English porcelain and antique silver, works directly with Italian architect Marianna Gagliardi to oversee the décor and elegant refurbishment of all of the hotels’ common and guest spaces.


With their growing collection of boutique hotels, the Ricci family’s mission is to enhance Italy’s worldwide image of elegance and craftsmanship by highlighting architecture, design and furnishings that are hand-crafted by Florentine artisans, along with its impeccable Italian hospitality.

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